Aims & Objectives

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EPSI is established with an aim to resolve the challenges faced by the higher education institutions in India with specific objectives such as.


To promote, expand and develop the Education sector.


To co-operate with the Government and various other organisations in the country and abroad with a view to further promote higher education.


To recommend and represent to Local, Bodies and Government on the policies approved by them with respect to the governance of education.


To lay down standards of quality of educational programmes.


To enunciate just and adequate principles governing the education sector and to set up a code of practices for the general guidance.


To establish Education Promotion offices, Marketing Consortiums in any part of the world to promote the objectives of the Society.


To organize and participate in Workshops and Road shows, Meetings, Seminars, Trade Fairs, and Exhibitions for the promotion of Education in India and all parts of the world so as to maximize the export of education.


To prepare, edit, publish, launch, acquire and distribute papers, circulars, brochures, periodicals, pamphlets, magazines, journals, gazettes, books, circulars and other literary undertakings having a bearing upon industry commerce or trade and specifically relating education and its exports.


Whenever a complaint is received at a public forum or government body such as Chamber of Commerce against an education institution, EPSI recommend measures for investigations and checks the genuineness of the complaint received.


To be and act as an apex body of the institution/agency for the unorganized sector in the field of education.


To undertake on its own and /or in collaboration with the Government of India/ State Governments/ Union Territories Governments/ Local Assembly, Government of a Foreign State/ Institution / Municipal Corporation and collaboration with educational and research institutes of education, foreign bodies, training & research, accreditation and allied services for the promotion and development of education.


To gather, examine, collate, tabulate and circulate information, data, statistics, etc., in relation to or connected with any discipline of education.


To establish, maintain and develop reading rooms, libraries, and promoting institutions for publication of books, periodicals, magazines, brochures, and journals etc.


To exercise professional supervision over the members of the society and to frame and ascertain the ethical standards for professional ethics and observance in all matters, for which rules and guidelines would be framed from time to time.


To establish, support or aid in the establishment and support of funds to institutions, trusts, associations, and conveniences calculated to benefit persons connected with the profession of education in India and to make payments for insurance, provide loans, grant donations for the benefit of employees and to subscribe and guarantee money in charitable and benevolent objects or for any general, public and useful objects.


To promote the institution, association for the purpose of acquiring any of the property rights and liabilities of the society or for any other purpose which directly or indirectly be calculated to benefit the Society vis-à-vis its objects.


To acquire recognition for the Society vis-à-vis its objectives in India and abroad.


To take any such steps by personal or written appeals or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds for the Society in the form of annual subscriptions, donations or otherwise and to invest funds of the Society not immediately required in such securities or deposits as required from time to time, as decided and determined by the Governing Body of the Society.


To provide prizes, scholarships, awards and medals related to the examinations held by the society.


To depute or join in electing or nominating advisers, delegates etc., to represent the society on regional, national and international seminars and conferences, etc.


To cooperate with and to make representations to any department of the Government of India or other Organisations, Central Authorities, Boards, Commissions, Enquiry Bodies, etc. as may be deemed necessary in furtherance of the objectives of the society and to do likewise at State level in collaboration with the appropriate Regional Councils of the Society.


To obtain any Charter, Provisional Order or Act of Parliament for enabling the society to institute or carry on any one or more of its objectives.


To make available the benefits of its activities to the public at large without restricting the same only to the members of the Society.


The Society shall conduct international and domestic level research activities, funded and non-funded and offer consultancy to governments, academic industry, national and international organisations including Accreditation Bodies.


To establish accreditation for all the education programmes of new age economy.


To create a corpus fund, as agreed by the Governing Body for carrying out the activities of the society.


To enter into specific MOUs or MOAs with other societies, corporate and other organisations, bodies, foundations and other institutions in India or abroad for providing services on mutually agreed terms and conditions towards the advancement of the objects of the society.


To institute awards to honor people, dignitaries, etc., in India or abroad who have rendered exceptional service in promoting education.


To contract or subcontract on behalf of the Society for carrying out specific jobs, and provide specific services consistent with the aims and objectives of the society.


To create space of professors, research scholarship, etc., in India and abroad for the advancement of education.

Additionally, to conduct other lawful activities those are incidental, conducive, or are in the interest of the society or of the objectives mentioned above related directly and /or indirectly.